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Rockcliffe Rink Group PhotoWelcome to the official site of the Rockcliffe Hosers! This site provides all of the information that Rockcliffe Hosers, Rockcliffe Rinks Supervisors, and residents of Rockcliffe Park and surrounding areas will need, to care for and enjoy the seasonal rinks in Rockcliffe Park.

The Rockcliffe Hosers are a group of Rockcliffe dads ( and one Mom) who gather nightly in Winter as crews of 5-6 to flood the Rockcliffe Park rinks on the grounds of Rockcliffe Park Public School. The Rockcliffe Rinks Supervisors are a group of high school students who earn community volunteer hours by providing supervision at the rinks.

The site will also be the main portal as your Rockcliffe Hosers advance plans to develop the rinks site into a better recreation offering complete with a new sports pavilion. Stay tuned!

If you are a Rockcliffe Hoser or a Rockcliffe Rinks Supervisor you must LOG IN to access information and schedules. Please use the Contact feature to contact the site administrator, Brian Montgomery or to offer feedback or comments.

Thank you for visiting! Check the site regularly for news, updates, blogs and updates to the rinks development project.

Hoser's Blog

January 7th, 2014 @ 00:06

Schedule is done!  It was a monster this year!

January 25th, 2010 @ 21:09

The Hoser schedule is working very well and until the latest warm weather we have been flooding 7 nights a week.  Many thanks to all the Hosers for their great work. The rinks are currently under a lot of water due to today's rain. It is due to get colder this week and this week's crews will need to break up the inevitable shell ice that will form before flooding again. It is due to get colder on Wednesday.