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About the Rockcliffe Hosers

Winter Hose guyThe Rockcliffe Hosers community group of rink flooders were founded by Brian Montgomery, Volunteer Rink Co-Ordinator; Rockcliffe Park Residents’ Association, in 2001. That first year, Brian and a Rockcliffe resident,Bradley Denison, recruited 50 Rockcliffe dads to help with the scraping, shoveling, flooding and supervising of the Rockcliffe Rinks. The number of Hosers has now grown to 97 and the requirements involved in becoming a Hoser are still the same: residents are asked to become Hosers if they have school-age children between the ages of 5-15, if they would like to give back to the community in a physical way, and if they wouldn’t mind attending regular pub nights! Being a Hoser is all about giving time and effort back to the community in a collegial and fun way. Being a Hoser allows new residents to slide into a ready-made social network and, as such, we are always on the lookout for new Hosers. Special mention must be made of the great role that Royal Lepage real estate agent Marilyn Wilson ( has played, in annually recruiting new Hosers. Thank you, Marilyn!

Each year in early December, Hosers gather to pick their crews and their 3-4 flood nights. The rinks (a boarded hockey rink on the school field at RPPS, and a small free skating rink next door in the Jubilee garden) are flooded nightly between 9pm and 11pm by the Hoser crew scheduled. During the year monthly pub nights are held at restaurants and bars in the Beechwood Village. Hosers are urged to attend!

Hoser Body Count
2001 50 Hosers 2002 70 Hosers
2003 90 Hosers 2004 85 Hosers
2005 81 Hosers 2006 85 Hosers
2007 86 Hosers 2008 97 Hosers
2009 113 Hosers 2010 117 Hosers
2011 122 Hosers 2012